Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. are behind the most successful superhero Movies And Tv shows. The studios rose to prominence immediately after the success of “The Avengers,” “Justice League, “Captain America: Civil War,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Iron Man,” and “X-Men.” Marvel and Warner Bros. previously teamed up for “Logan,” a film that grossed over $200 million domestically and $500 million worldwide. The future looks bright for the MCU, and Warner Bros. as several new movies and TV Shows have been scheduled. Hopefully, these projects will break the records of previous blockbusters.

‘Deadpool 2’

Last year, Marvel released “Deadpool” with an approximate budget of $56 million. The film grossed over $750 million at the box office. The studio has confirmed that a sequel is in post-production, which means “Deadpool 2” will hit a theater near you this summer. Tim Miller began his career as a filmmaker from the original “Deadpool.” The director is returning for the sequel and has kept the plot details under wraps to create excitement among fans. Ryan Reynolds produces the movie, and John Wick plays the lead role.


There are rumors that “Deadpool 3” and “X-Force” are the same projects, but Marvel claims that both are different movies. Depending on how much work is left, it’s possible audiences might get two films on the same date.

“Deadpool 3” doesn’t have a director yet, but Joe Carnahan is directing “X-Force.” Joe was previously in the news for “Stretch,” and “Narc.” It’s too early to say anything about the plot of “X-Force” as the movie got no release date. However, it is expected to release this Christmas as the project is in final works.


Marvel has announced a “Gambit” solo film. Taylor Kitsch previously played Gambit in “Origins: Wolverine,” and won dozens of awards for this project. In recent years, “Gambit” has emerged as a potential movie franchise, and that’s why a new installment is scheduled for September 2017. The studio has hired Doug Liman for directing this project.

There's no information about the cast.

‘Legion Season 2’

Marvel expanded “X-Men” into the world of television with “Legion.” “Legion Season 2” is scheduled for August 2017, and fans have high expectations for this project. Nicholas Winding Refn is already famous for “The Neon Demon,” and “Only God Forgives.” The studio has hired him to direct and co-produce the second season. The story is about David Haller’s journey through his psychosis. In the second season, David will continue facing some uncertain problems.

We are eagerly waiting for “Legion Season 2,” “Gambit,” “X-Force,” and “Deadpool 2.”