When Universal Studios Florida decided to replace its old Twister attraction with something brand new, Jimmy Fallon was eager to team up and create a ride based on the Tonight Show. However, it takes many talented individuals all working together to build something on the scale of" Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon," the theme park’s latest attraction.

Twister was more of a show than a ride, and Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon is somewhat similar in that respect. Guests experience the 4-D motion simulator in a large “flying” theater. However, while the system itself might be relatively simple, the attention to detail in the overall attraction is incredible.

Even though it’s located in Universal Studios Florida, the ride comes very close to convincing guests that they’re actually at 30 Rock. It all starts from the moment they catch sight of the building, continues as they enter a studio that looks like it was snatched up and transplanted from the Tonight Show, and culminates in the actual ride experience that’s really just one small part of the whole.

Creating the new ride

The creative minds behind "Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon" were on hand before the attraction’s April 6 grand opening to chat about what it took to bring it all together in a process that took nearly three years from conception to culmination. In the video below, Creative Director Jason Surrell and Show Producer Neil Engel talk about their work on the latest Universal Studios Florida attraction and how it’s actually something that Jimmy has hoped for over the past nine years.

They also talk about the virtual queue system that eliminates the always-dreaded long wait in line:

Hashtag and the Ragtime Gals

Working on "Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon" didn’t just mean creating a simulator ride experience. It was also all about immersing guests in a true Tonight Show experience.

That mean everything from creating an authentic studio to bringing beloved show elements like the Ragtime Gals and Hashtag the Panda to life. Both are part of the attraction at Universal Studios Florida, as you can see in the video below:

Jason Surrell went into more detail about his work on the ride and what he and the other members of the creative team tried to accomplish.

Twister was a classic at Universal Studios Florida, so they wanted to create a worthy successor to take its place, both literally and in terms of the guest experience. In the video below, he talks about the overall "Race Though New York With Jimmy Fallon" experience and reveals his favorite scene in the ride (hint: imagine Hashtag as King Kong):

Virtual ride, virtual queue

"Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon" is open at Universal Studios Florida. If you plan to check it out, use the virtual queue system by reserving a time on your phone or at one of the in-park kiosks. Then, instead of waiting in a long line in the Orlando heat, you’ll enjoy exploring the Tonight Show Studio as your ride time ticks closer.

When it finally arrives, you might just have a hard time tearing yourself away from all the pre-show entertainment.

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