Nithya Rajesh is a professional abstract artist and teacher who was born and raised in Bangalore, India. Nithya earned a degree in science but decided to pursue her interests in art and made a name for herself by creating vibrant and lively works that seem to dance upon the canvas.

Nithya still resides in her hometown with her husband and two children but she recently exhibited her incredibly colorful and lively artwork at New York City’s ArtExpo, an experience that helped her get her work seen by American audiences. She recently discussed this exciting step in her career and her overall artistic aspirations.


Blasting News (BN): What inspired you to become an artist and how did you form your unique abstract style?

Nithya Rajesh (NR): I love travelling and exploring new places, cultures, traditions and witnessing unbelievable sights. Each new experience adds a piece to my soul and together when connected, defines who I really am. I drive my inspiration from meeting new people and learning about their experiences. Finally, when I come back home and sit in-front of my drawing board, I have the urge and need to tell my story to the rest of the world. In today’s world of stress, uncertainty, hatred and violence, I strongly feel the need to spread happiness, fun n love through art. My paintings reinstall the faith and convey a story of positivity.

They are vibrant, energetic and allow the viewer to hope and to think every time they pass by. And that is where I succeed as an artist. The need and the urge for proving my point and being different from the others, made me venture into the texture work what you see today. According to me, textures add a new dimension to any artwork.

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It makes the passer by- stand, look, feel and most importantly ‘THINK’. What more does an artist want?!

BN: How many pieces of art have you created and how did you get them seen by the public?

NR: In ten years of my online presence now, I have created more than 500 works of art. I was fortunate enough to be noticed by my friends and art lovers, as an unconventional artist.

This keen interest everyone showed towards my artwork, is the reason I today exhibit in various exhibitions.

BN: Are you represented by any galleries right now?

NR: I display my artwork through my website and other online art platforms. I also have received the opportunity to be able to put up my work in many exhibitions and events in America, Dubai, Singapore and India. Currently I am a member of Saatchi gallery.


BN: You are from India but traveled to the United States to take part in New York's ArtExpo! What was that experience like?

NR: New York has always fascinated me by its vibrancy; it is a city of art lovers. ArtExpo New York is an excellent platform for any artist to showcase their talent and new collections; meeting other artists, curators, galleries and art collectors.

The response was excellent. Many of the visitors and particularly galleries have shown keen interest in my collection. I am looking forward to a long term working relationship with some of the reputed galleries.

BN: What other countries have you showed work in and what are your ultimate goals for the future?

NR: I have done shows in India, Dubai and in Singapore. There are so many excellent artists who do not get the right opportunity to show case their talent in a big stage. My ultimate goal is to develop a platform for supporting such artists so as to connect them with art lovers around the world. Also as an art teacher, I believe in bringing out the creative and expressive part of the mind.

This helps children to understand the importance of art and think out of the box in any given situation which will help them in any career they choose.

BN: What are the most rewarding things about being a professional artist and what advice can you give to others who are trying to become professionals?

NR: The most rewarding thing about being a professional artist is the recognition you get for your work and when people are able to connect to paintings in their own way. When my paintings are able to speak for themselves, that’s when I have reached my ultimate goal. I would advise others to always follow their heart and try to have a distinctive style, instead of imitating others. But like any other profession, one needs to be much disciplined, and it is important for every artist to be socially responsible.

BN: Do you want to try any new mediums soon and what is forthcoming for you?

NR: Yes, I am an unconventional artist and I like to experiment. I keep working with different media in different style. Currently I have been working with textures, next I will be venturing into other media when I’m drawn towards it.