Thrill seekers looking for the time of their lives love amusement parks. And there's no better ride for those thrill lovers than Roller Coasters. At parks like Cedar Point and Six Flags Great Adventure, visitors get a chance to ride some of the best roller coasters in the world. Busch Gardens Williamsburg isn't quite on the same scale as the other two, but that doesn't mean the rides aren't awesome. Let's count down the best five.

1. Apollo's Chariot.

The purple roller coaster at the park is also perhaps the most popular ride there. Riders are dropped from 210 feet and descend down a smooth hill.

"Smooth" is probably the best way to describe the roller coaster that travels at a top speed of 73 mph at one point. The camel humps at the end make the ride even more exciting. You can watch a full video of the ride below.

2. Griffon.

At 205 feet, Griffon is the second tallest roller coaster at the park. The ride reaches a very high top speed, but is perhaps most notable for the first portion. Before dropping down the first hill, riders are suspended in midair, adding to the suspense. Thrill seekers then travel through a ride that features a loop but is also smooth. It deserves the second spot on this list.

3. Alpengeist.

Alpengeist is slightly below 200 feet, but don't let that fool you. The ride is every bit as intense as both Apollo's Chariot and Griffon and features multiple inversions.

Alpengeist is notable for its status as the world's tallest complete circuit inverted coaster.

4. Verbolten.

Once called the Big Bad Wolf, Verbolten is a revamped version of the same ride. The roller coaster doesn't feature a lot of height, but it does a feature a launch that thrills riders right from the start. A majority of the first portion takes place in the dark, adding to the suspense of the ride.

5. Loch Ness Monster.

When this roller coaster opened, it was the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster. It remains the only current roller coaster with interlocking loops. Unfortunately, the older roller coaster has not withstood the test of time. It's now a bit uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean it's any less thrilling than it was when it opened in 1978.

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