The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival officially started on March 1, 2017, and this year Walt Disney World debuted a new level of detail in the event's signature topiaries.

Amazing Disney detail

You'll find Disney characters and scenes represented by topiaries all around the park, but many guests don't realize that the shrubbery sculptures have morphed over the years. They began as somewhat crude but recognizable figures, but each year they got more refined, culminating in a remarkably life-like Snow White figure, along with the Seven Dwarfs, that was introduced in 2014.

This year marks another milestone, just in time for the release of the live action "Beauty and the Beast" movie. You'll find Belle at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in all her glory, with features that surpass anything done at Walt Disney World with topiaries so far.

The inside scoop on Epcot topiaries

If you'd like to see the Belle topiary and learn more about it from Festival Horticulture Manager Eric Darden, check out the video below. In it, Darden talks about the process of making this remarkable creation and shares some secrets behind the creation and maintenance of the Disney topiaries.

More activities at Epcot festival

While the topiaries are one of the signatures of this popular Walt Disney World event, they're far from the only attraction.

In addition to colorful flower gardens, growing edibles, seminars, and a butterfly house, you'll also find entertainment and plenty of special food and drink options. You'll see an overview of all the event offerings in the video below.

If you love Disney merchandise, the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival will have you giving your credit card a workout with many whimsical designs.

Get a preview in the video below.

The festival runs through May 29, and most of the fun is included with your Epcot admission ticket. The gardens change throughout the festival's run as cooler temperatures give way to the late spring Florida heat, so it's worth multiple visits.

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