Los Angeles City officials have announced that they will put a stop to hikers and tourists from making use of the Beachwood Drive gate to reach the Hollywood sign. They use this route to proceed to other trails that start from there. Pedestrians will be redirected to alternate points like the Canyon Drive and other access points that lead to the Griffith Park trails, including the Hollyridge Trail.

Los Angeles Times reports that this decision is the result of a legal battle between the Griffith Park horseback riding facility and the city and the issue was about hikers trekking near the Beachwood Drive ranch.

The diversion through the alternate route is expected to come into force within the next few weeks.

Hikers and tourists in problem

When people come to Los Angeles, it is natural that they go to the Hollywood sign which is a landmark of the city. One of the easiest and shortest routes is the Beachwood Drive gate, but this is objected to by residents of Beachwood Canyon. They feel that the residential street should not be treated by outsiders to be an entry point to Griffith Park. One of the reasons cited by them is the associated concerns of traffic and safety risks due to a large number of tourists.

In the argument for Sunset Ranch, a very valid point was put up. This was the possible dangers that hikers could face when they had to make way for hay delivery trucks and horse trailers on the steep and winding Road to the ranch.

These are problems that outsiders could face when they take advantage of the Sunset Ranch property for shortcuts to reach their destination.

The matter had gone to court and, based on the court’s ruling, action would be taken to direct pedestrians away from the Beachwood gate.

The future ahead

The decision of diversion has saddened a section of hikers.

But, Canyon Drive is believed to be a safer route for tourists because the route via Beachwood Drive is a risky one since people have to walk in the street which could pose dangers.

With this issue resolved, Los Angeles has to now go into other aspects like evolving long-term strategies to improve experiences for tourists and, also, protect neighborhoods around the Hollywood sign which attracts visitors. Tourism is always a money earner and must be given due attention and priority.