Raglan Road at Disney Springs is hosting its annual Mighty Festival from March 16 to 19, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day weekend with food, drink, and entertainment, and three talented youngsters are among the musical line-up. The Byrne Brothers, a family band from Donegal, are one of the acts taking the stage to showcase their talents at the Walt Disney World pub.

Born entertainers

In addition to playing lively Irish music along with their father, Tommy, the three Byrne Brothers (Luca, Finn, and Dempsey) will also show off their dancing skills. The multi-talented youngsters each play multiple instruments and have won dance championships.

They also find plenty of time to be typical youngsters, with hobbies like surfing and bodyboarding to round out their leisure time.

Multiple shows at Raglan Road

The Byrne Brothers are playing multiple shows throughout the Mighty Festival at Raglan Road, where you can enjoy food and drinks while soaking up the entertainment. They join other musical acts like Jennifer Lyons and Swingin’ on the Gate during this St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza. It's the perfect place to get in the holiday spirit at Disney Springs.

See a sample of the Byrne Brothers' music

If you’d like to meet the Byrne Brothers and witness a little sample of their talent, check out the video below. At only 12, 10, and 7-years -old, they're proof that talent can come in small packages.

They've all been involved with music since they were old enough to hold their instruments. Now they infuse traditional Irish songs with a modern flair that always delights their audiences.

Enjoy the show from the restaurant or bar area throughout the Mighty Irish Festival at Raglan Road. The boys are part of a jam-packed entertainment line-up, with music and dancing at this popular Disney Springs venue throughout the St.

Patrick's Day weekend. There's plenty of free parking in the two garages, and the feasting and fun runs all day and into the wee hours through March 19. If you're visiting Walt Disney World, be sure to pop over and take part in the festivities.