Experts identify that inflammation spreads through the brain after injuries. A team of researchers, including Alan Faden, Stephen R. Thom, Bogdan A. Stoica, and David Loane, at the University of Maryland, reveals that inflammation could spread throughout the body, and it happens when the brain receives a serious injury. This finding could transform understanding of inflammation and the brain diseases.

Traumatic injury

Dr. David Loane says that inflammation occurs after traumatic brain injury, and causes various neurodegenerative diseases.

Experts will publish their findings in the “Journal of Neuroinflammation.” This new study has the potential to transform how inflammation is understood and how to treat the brain diseases. Alan Faden, Stephen R. Thom, and Bogdan A. Stoica say that microparticles derived from brain inflammatory cells cause serious illnesses. These microparticles activate normal immune cells, making them potentially harmful for brain neurons. Researchers say that neuroinflammation is harmful for both humans and animals.

It often leads to chronic brain damage, representing new targets for treating brain injuries.

Neurodegenerative disorders

The results of this research provide a new conceptual framework to understand inflammation and its relationship with the Nervous System. Dr. Faden says that they aim to know more about inflammation as it could lead to numerous neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer disease, and it is important to find out treatments for the illnesses.

Experts studied the behavior of nervous system in mice, and found that animals with Traumatic Brain Injuries have more microparticles in their blood than animals without traumatic brain injuries. Scientists collected blood samples, and they do not know anything about the origin of microparticles. Bogdan A. Stoica says that their next target is to find out the origin of microparticles. The microparticles seem to be originating from cells known as microglia.

However, this is not the origin of microparticles in the brain. It seems that the spinal cord produces the particles after a brain injury, but scientists need a few months to prove this point.

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