Health experts claim that the Human Brain remains active after death. New research shows that our brain continues its activities 10 minutes after death. Scientists observed brain activities of four patients within 30 minutes after cardiac function stopped. All patients showed single delta wave bursts after clinical death, which indicates that our brain does not stop its activities all of a sudden.

Organ harvesting

Neurosurgeons provide scientific evidence that the brain continues its function even after a person breathes his last. Previously, health experts believed that all activities stop once the heart stops.

But now, they claim that genes continue to function. The brain may not be different. In their study, Doctors observed four ICU patients. They noted that the brains of two patients did not show any activity. However, the brains of two patients displayed prominent activities. It indicates that the human brain continues working after death. It carries on its functions for at least 10 minutes.

Experts will find out why a person’s brain continues its function 10 minutes after his death. They need more time and further research. Dr. Ronald Lafrenière at the McGill University says that he looks at the electroencephalogram (EEG) readings after death to find out when it is the best time to prepare a body for organ donation.

He believes that it is now possible to donate the human brain as it continues its function after death. But the organ harvesting has to take place within minutes because if the brain stops its function, it will become a useless organ. There are ethical and legal implications of this study.

The future of this study

Dr. Ronald Lafrenière says that he conducted an experiment on laboratory rats.

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He observed their brain activities after death. Given that doctors only sampled a small group of ICU patients, Ronald will conduct more experiments to unravel this mystery. He says that he confirms the death of a patient through a range of standard observations, including the absence of a pulse and unreactive pupils. But tests reveal that a person’s brain keeps working for several minutes after his death.

He says that brain produces the same kind of waves and signals that are seen during deep sleep.

However, doctors do not know the purpose of the brain activity after death. Many health professionals claim that near-death-experiences are nothing more than hallucinations induced by the effects of the brain shutting down. Dr. Ronald will soon conduct an experiment to unveil the truth.