In today's daily horoscope for Cancer, we're going to talk about how well you'll be able to keep secrets. Born between June 22 and July 22, Cancers can be quite complicated, but deep inside, they are conservative and home-loving people. Even with a tough exterior, you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. Emotions are easy to track, just by looking at your facial expression -- which can sell you out even when you're trying to hide your true and innermost thoughts and feelings. It can be nice when you don't really feel like explaining yourself, but on the other side of the coin, it can feel like you're walking around naked.

What to expect

Today, Cancer, calls for a great, big helping of intrigue and mystery -- of only the most delicious kind. Is someone doing something they're not supposed to be doing? Or perhaps, someone is planning a huge surprise and you're in on the secret. It will be fun and tantalizing.

How to get through your day

Today, if you're asked to keep quiet about a certain issue, you'll definitely do it -- since, you're a seasoned pro when it comes to that sort of thing. Hey, no one says you can't enjoy being in the loop. There is one thing, though, that you need to remember: if you're asked to cough up the details, try to control your facial expressions. You were never that good at poker anyway. How about some sunglasses?

Perhaps you can use some measure of distraction by cunningly changing the subject or directing attention away from yourself.

Take note overall

Overall, you've got quite the challenge ahead: even though it may take some practice and self control on your part to blab without actually blabbing, it's not totally impossible. You're trusted, loyal and reliable, which is why others feel that they can count on you.

So try to keep it together, Cancer. It'll be your way of returning the favor for getting in on the juicy details.

That's it for today's daily horoscope for Cancer. If you like today's reading, be sure to come back to check your daily horoscope for tomorrow.