In today's daily catscope for Leo, we're going to talk about changing things up. You, Leo kitties, are the most demanding cats of the zodiac. They need to be pampered and lavished with lots of toys, or they will turn on you fast! Today, you demand to be paid attention to, and you want others to match you on the same energy level. Is it all possible? Anything is possible, according to you. So, if the same tricks and rules don't apply today, you're sure to figure something out.

What to expect

Today, you can expect to run into someone or something unexpected, and as a result, you may end up having to change things up in a big way.

It's not going to be the daily norm -- however, you must still be treated like royalty. Otherwise, you're going to be one cranky kitty. Depending on how you react to this encounter, you might end up prancing around the house to get some attention -- hey, we did say that you're pretty demanding.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, take on whatever comes your way as a welcome challenge. You're bold, brave, and you don't let anything or anyone stop you from attaining your desires. Make peace with the fact that somebody else might be grabbing the spotlight, and you may even begin to feel comfortable with sharing it with them. Remember, you're not forgotten, even if it seems like that for an entire 15 minutes.

Take note overall

Overall, Leo kitty, you're known for declaring 'I am a kitty, here my roar!' but the attention that you seek today may not appear in the way that you're used to. To you, not being seen is the same as not existing, so you're not the type to disappear and remain hidden in the shadows.

You've got the mental processing capacity to observe what works and what doesn't, and how to beat your competition. You're in charge, Leo kitty, so stays calm and use positive ways of getting attention from your humans, instead of revenge for blinking in another direction.

That's it for today's daily CatScope for Leo.

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