In today's daily catscope for Gemini, we're going to talk about your need for communication. Like humans, Gemini kitties pack personality for two, and they may well be responsible for the reputation that cats have for being spazzy. So how are you going to behave today? It's definitely not the day to be quiet or to be ignored. Your need to speak up and be heard to of utmost importance today, and if it turns out your needs are not met, then you might want to consider an alternative.

What to expect

You can't shut up today -- not that anyone really wants you too.

The lines of communication are wide open, and you're in your element. Your human will be asking you all sorts of questions, of which, you've got the answers. Did you enjoy that treat today, kitty? Did you see that neighbor dog -- the way he was barking at the other dogs? Do you like that new toy you got? Meow, meow, meow. You're welcome to express yourself, your likes and dislikes, even if you're complaining about something. Being chatty today only brings advantage and even pleasure for you, so enjoy!

How to get through your day

To get through your day, find a human that wants communication. If you run into someone who needs peace and quiet, just keep on walking until you meet someone else who wants to hear what you've got to say. Interesting questions might be heading your way, too, so don't be shy to speak up, especially when someone is listening.

Take note overall

Overall, Gemini kitty, you're in the mood for chatting -- not so much for chasing anything down or sharpening your claws.

There's a time for everything. But hey, sometimes, you've got to be willing to give and take. Your human may need some play time with you to feel connected, so indulge them a little. After all, your human wants to know that you're happy and satisfied. Express your pleasure with some meowing and purring to let them know that they're on the right track.

That's it for today's daily CatScope for Gemini.

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