You don't have to overspend to be part of the newest trends. Brands such as Forever21, H&M, TopShop and Asos are bringing their own novel ideas to the warmer months. These stores will have you looking great at a great price. The makeup world is a leading innovator in creating the new spring aesthetic, but they aren't the only ones. Pastel velvets, bell sleeves that break the mold, this spring won't be just about traditional florals. In fact, these brands are bringing a familiar flare that's anything but boring.


Looking good is a part of feeling good, and that's what Forever21's Activewear 2017 campaign with Kelly Gale is taking to heart.

The line, called Fit and Run, boasts gray-blue cropped hoodies to compliment various cuts of slick black bodysuits, high-waisted leggings, and shorts. They aren't just for looks, though. The brand says that they are designed with "flattering" shaping in mind. Activewear is popular already so it's refreshing to see that there is an emphasis on the wearer looking good at all times – not just at the gym.


This store is focusing not on what, but who. On the website in big charcoal letters you will see: “Introducing...Lily Jean." She is the face of 2017, bringing her previously undiscovered flair to the shop. Plain denim is out, these are the eclectic, high-fashion-inspired, embroidered denim skirts to satisfy the kitch in your heart.

Put those soft pinks inspired by dreamy summers out of your mind, too, TopShop is making bright Pink its staple color. Lily Jean's "tom boy" flair has a distinct kiss of 90's fashion, fit for the loud vibe of 2017.


If this is the year of reviving retro flair, then Asos is doing it, with their neon blue just like TopShop’s focus on pink.

This blue accents striped, high collar jackets and netted undershirts, but it's not the only bright color. Asos is a balance of loud colors and playful materials to bring out your festive side.

These are just a few brands offering some of the best fashion for this upcoming season.