Last weekend, snow blanketed the ground in almost every one of the 50 states, including Virginia. Most people changed their plans for the day, but one couple was determined to get married in spite of the winter snow storm. However, their minister could not get to the couple who insisted on getting married on Saturday, January 7.

Brittany Tischer and Chris Fischer had been engaged for two years and had not been successful with their wedding plans. Every time they thought they were getting married, something happened that prevented them from doing so.

When they finally settled on January 7, they did not know that it would be the exact day that their city of Chesapeake, Virginia would be digging out from under snow and ice.

The couple did not panic when they noticed how much snow was falling on Saturday. Everything stopped. Flights were canceled, businesses closed, and people were advised to stay off the roads. That included their minister who had planned to show up at their house to officiate their nuptials.

No power outage

Even though Brittany and Chris live on an icy street, they still did not back down about getting married on Saturday, January 7. Snow was still falling outside, but one good thing they had going for them was that they did not have a power outage like a lot of other people in the area.

So the couple used that to their advantage. They called their minister and asked him if he was willing to marry them via Skype.

A Skype wedding

Since a Skype wedding is legal in the state of Virginia, the minister agreed to marry the couple even though he was physically miles away from them. Witnesses are no longer a requirement to get marry so it was just the couple and the minister on Skype.

The marriage with the help of Skype was a good ending to Brittany and Chris' story because the couple met through mutual friends on Facebook. Technology has been a part of their relationship from the very beginning. The minister was happy that he could pronounce the couple husband and wife from the comfort and safety of his own home. The married couple was happy that they did not have to postpone their wedding again. Surely, this is a good story to share with their children one day.