Artist Abby Modell knew she wanted to be an artist since she won an art award in the 7th grade. Strongly influenced by Venini, Vasarely, and Erte. Abby admires artwork that features clean lines and geometric shapes. Hence, the design work of Philippe Starck also continues to inspire her. Abby studied fashion design at the Parsons School of Design before embracing her love of fine art. Glass has always been a medium of special interest to Abby, whose parents were avid glass collectors.

Abby primarily works with hand-blown glass, Swarovski crystals, and fire-polished glass.

She melds mediums in each piece to create assemblages of textural elements and completely unique designs. “Adding textural interest and 3-D aspects to my work is my focus right now,” Abby stated and added that her latest works are inspired by the natural beauty found in Earth’s rock crystals. “Glass is a transitional medium so it’s a joy and a challenge to work with the fluidity of its form,” she said. “My vision is always flexible and open to the process but I still remain true to my core values of simplicity of design. In every piece, I aim to perfect balance of shape, color, and translucency.”

Pushing the boundaries of what is imaginable is another way that Abby expresses herself artistically and to great acclaim.

In the Fall of 2016, an installation of her glass Artwork was installed in a Holiday Window at Bloomingdale’s headquarters store in Manhattan, New York.


Abby’s work is represented in galleries, hotels, and at art fairs across the country; it is also collected by numerous private clients. Despite these noteworthy successes, obtaining a Bloomingdale’s Window is a particularly high honor.

“It started when I was contacted by their Window Creative Director, Leigh Ann Tischler, who was familiar with my work,” Abby explained. “She was curating the fabulous holiday collection of chandeliers and reached out to me to participate. I was honored to have the opportunity to create an amazing chandelier installation landscape called MoonGlow.” The window is currently on display and, in 2017, it will be auctioned off on to benefit The Child Mind Institute.

“My favorite collection is my Galaxy Mirrors,” Abby confessed. “By using mirrors as canvas, I explore how glittering rays of translucent light can blend with saturated colors in various ways. The reflection that is created by the mirror adds infinite depth to the work. Plus, I like to hear that it brings people joy.”


Abby is constantly pushing the boundaries of her artwork and seeking new and innovative ways to combine materials and expand in new directions. “The Bloomingdale’s lighting installation has led me on an exploration of lighting design,” she stated. “I welcome custom projects and look forward to creating unique designs. I can also be contacted directly for commission projects or installations through my website and my work is displayed in photos on social media, too.” When it comes to offering advice to aspiring artists, Abby recommends following your dreams without being afraid to explore your vision and create your own path. “Being an artist is the most rewarding and accomplished feeling,” she proclaimed. “To express your vision through art is something truly special.”