There are many routes to endless caps in the wasteland of "Fallout 4," but perhaps none are easier than simply setting up industrial water purifier farms at multiple settlements. Farming water might be a costly endeavor at the onset, but it's an activity that will pay off with virtually unlimited caps once you have mastered the process. Here's a quick guide on the basic steps you need to take to set up your own water purification business and take your cap collecting to the next level. Remember to set up adequate defenses at any location where you have any sort of extensive farming activities going on because Raiders will find you and try to loot your resources.

Start the process at Sanctuary

Scrap everything you don't need at Sanctuary, including every cabinet, bucket, fence, tire, broken bed and kitchen utensil. Gather everything you can while out scavenging the wasteland, every cup, every teddy bear, every metal plate and ceramic item you can find. Bring everything back to Sanctuary you possibly can and scrap it all. For a water business you will be focused on gathering items that will scrap down to ceramic, cloth, copper, oil, rubber, screws and steel. Make sure your Science! rank is at least level 1. You will also need to build several medium and large generators to power your purification system, so be sure to gather items that will scrap down to screws, gears, steel, rubber, copper, ceramic, aluminum and nuclear material.

Prime settlement locations for a water farm

Some settlements just won't have any water located nearby where you can build a water farm. That's fine, at those locations focus on building a recruitment radio beacon to attract settlers and begin to plant as many Mutfruit plants as possible. Many people will argue that Mutfruit is the easiest way to unlimited caps in "Fallout 4," but they require settlers to tend to the bushes and they take time to harvest.

Water simply shows up in the workbench to be collected and sold, making it a much easier passive source of income. Sanctuary is of course the first location you will want to set up a water farm, but then quickly expand to The Castle, Nordhagen Beach and The Slog as those settlements become available to you. By the end of the game all sorts of settlements will be open for you to exploit their resource potential, but for the first 50-75 hours, the settlements listed here will be your primary focus.

The Starlight Drive In also has a small water source that can be farmed. Always build industrial water purifiers when possible and build standard versions only when space is an issue.

Shifting purified water to caps

There are several perks you should concentrate on increasing if you want to own the wasteland water purification system like a true champion, including scrapper, strong back, cap collector and local leader. You should also have a high charisma so your barter deals are better. Each purified water is valued at 20 caps, and the goal should be to sell them at 12 caps each. Take the water to Diamond City to sell, but also begin to build emporiums at your own settlement so you have multiple vendors that will buy your purified water. Water shows up in your workbench every 24 hours, so remember to gather it as often as you can.

With these few tips, it won't be long before you have 20,000 purified water in your inventory worth hundreds of thousands of caps. With a little patience you can own the monetary system in the wasteland and never have to worry about resources again. Have fun in the wasteland!

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