"Star Wars" fans and "Fortnite" player most have been interested in the "Fortnite" "Star Wars" event on Saturday. Some international players were awake in the middle of the night to be part of the game.

'Fortnite' event information

The event happened at the Gaming theater in Risky Real. The Premiere was to start at 2:00 PM ET. There was a login issue that lasted about 10 minutes, making the event begin at around 2:10 PM ET.

The event began with a Millennium Falcon flying into the arena with several star destroyers. Immediately after the ship appeared, a big space ship followed with a TIE Fighter blasting and landing in the most recognized places of the map.

The Falcon was able to defeat the other ships and landed close to the players.

How it happened

A 3D projection of Holographic Keighley was the host for some minutes, before the director, JJ Abraham, came to introduce the clip everyone wanted to see. They presented the "Rise of Skywalker" and asked the players that were in the "Fortnite" platform to vote on which clip they expected to see.

The clip was short and straightforward; it lasted less than a minute, and it played on a big screen in the game. Keighley and co were to wrap it up. Abraham also held a poll for players to pick their favorite lightsaber color.

The hosts ran into their Millennium Falcons and flew into the sky, a box was left behind, and all the "Fortnite" players quickly went to the box to see what in it.

The box opened and it contained a lightsaber, so everyone collected one chose the color they wanted. The battle began with no guns, just the lightsaber.

Although after playing the event some players experienced server error, that could be a result of the server being too full at the time. Millions of players from around the world were participating in the event live.

Unfortunately, the sad part is that not all players remained involved in the game as many were logged out because of the server issues that were a big problem this time around.

Logged out from server error

"Fortnite" is well-known for live events as they also had an event in their 10th season. It plunged thousands of players into a black hole.

At the time, millions of players were watching it live and struggled with logging into their "Fortnite" accounts.

Did you manage to get in and participate in the big "Star Wars" event in the game? Or were you one of the unlucky ones who had issues with logging in?

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