Step aside "Fortnite," "Apex Legends" got something new coming in their patch. Developer Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on a new sniping feature, one of the most requested features in the "Apex Legends" online community. Not every player of the battle royale game is a fan of the rumored sniping feature or ADS (aiming down sight) options, but it can make a big change when its added.

Right now, there still no official words coming from the developer, but many players believe that the new feature is already in the workflow. According to the gaming website Dexterto, the news about the new sniping feature has been doing around on Reddit community as of the Apex fans posted a screenshot that detailed the upcoming new feature and also the potential release date.

Based on the Reddit post, there’s a huge chance that this new sniping feature would be added by Respawn in the next major updates. This is possible given Respawn’s history of game development and background. The developer is keen when it comes to introducing new features that excite most players.

What the rumored new feature will bring

The new sniping feature would give "Apex Legends" and its huge userbase a huge addition. The ability to adjust sensitivity for every zoom level when aiming down sights is a very welcome change for the entire "Apex Legends" community.

There are plenty of good reasons why the players would love the idea of a new sniping feature. First, it could make little easier for players (with sniper) who like to explore places like Kings Canyon.

Second, it opens a whole new adventure and a new gaming style. Just like Ubisoft when they introduced the adaptive cover and the camouflage ability on their latest tactical shooter game "Ghost Recon Breakpoint." Ghost fans are going crazy, begging Ubisoft for some new amazing additions. Third, it would make the game more engaging, especially for players who always looking for new gameplay, intense action, new weapon addition, and a new adventure.

Many players have been looking for changes, like adding new features and more. Fans have already expressed a strong desire for a new sniping feature. The current ADS lack features or simply won’t fit in the players’ game style. Many have posted and even suggested a new sniping feature on the game’s online community.

Fortunately, for many players that new feature is now in the works.

Respawn is reportedly working on it. Based on the recent post on Reddit, the image shows some clue that this new feature could be added in the future content update. The image won’t lie, Respawn is cooking something new here. However, the developer hasn’t mentioned anything about the potential release date. Players can check it on Reddit if they want more about the image and the rumored new sniping feature.

A close look at Respawn's battle royale craze

Developed by "Titanfall" maker Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, "Apex Legends" is the studio’s latest free-to-play, battle royale game. The game was first released on February 2019.\

After its big release, the new battle royale game has quickly gained traction in the gaming community.

It also received positive reviews from critics and media, who praised the game’s fusion of elements, the gameplay, progression system, and even characters. The game is so popular that it has surpassed over 25 million players on its first week and around 50 million on its first month. "Apex Legends" is currently available on all gaming platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.