Epic Games has made numerous changes at the start of the ninth season of "Fortnite Battle Royale." Besides map changes and a new Battle Pass, the video game developer has also made drastic changes to in-game items and weapon loadout. The "Fortnite" creator has vaulted eight weapons at the start of the season, forcing players to change the way they play the game.

The biggest change was the vaulting of the Pump Shotgun. This weapon had been in the game since "Fortnite Battle Royale" was released back in September 2017. According to Epic Games, the shotgun has been used for 26 percent of eliminations, which was simply too much considering that there are many other weapons and items players can use to eliminate other players.

However, it appears that a new Pump Shotgun will be added to the game, and it will be another weapon that will be transferred from "Fortnite's" PvE mode.

New Pump Shotgun has been found in the game

The Pump Shotgun was one of the most popular weapons in "Fortnite Battle Royale," which is the reason why it was vaulted. The majority of players had it in their loadouts and it was mostly used in a combination with a submachine gun. Season 9 has forced players to adapt to a new playstyle as the Pump Shotgun was removed and the Combat Shotgun was added to the popular video game.

Unlike the Pump Shotgun, the Combat Shotgun is semi-automatic. At the moment, players can choose between it or the Tactical Shotgun for close-range combat and massive damage.

The Tactical Shotgun is also semi-automatic, but its range is much worse than the range of the Combat Shotgun. On a positive side, the "Tac" has a 2x headshot multiplier, while the Season 9 addition has a 1.70x multiplier.

The new Pump Shotgun was found in a loading screen for one of the upcoming limited-time game modes. This LTM looks like D-Day, but the most interesting part of it was the loading screen which shows the new shotgun.

The weapon looks similar to the original Pump Shotgun and it is identical to "The Bear" shotgun from "Fortnite: Save the World." "Shotgun: Pump-Action. Deals high damage and knockback at a moderate fire rate. Short-range and limited magazine size" is the description of this weapon in the PvE mode.


Data miner FireMonkeyFN posted the loading screen for the upcoming limited-time game mode, but there are not many details about it.

According to the data miner, the limited-time game mode will be called "Beach Assault" and it will most likely be a big-team LTM where one team attacks the beach and the other one defends it. It is unknown if the new shotgun will be available only in this mode or it will also appear in regular playlists.