"Fortnite" had been in development for a few years before it was made available to players in its beta phase. "Save the World" mode was the original mode of the game and it includes PvE action against zombie-like creatures called husks. However, the battle royale mode, which was released in September 2017, has turned "Fortnite" into a worldwide phenomenon and the video game has broken numerous records since then.

At the moment, "Fortnite Battle Royale" is still ranked first on streaming networks and its player count keeps increasing. Epic Games has put in a lot of effort into this game, but it turns out that it almost got canceled a few years ago.

Rod Fergusson, the developer who used to work at Epic Games, has recently revealed that "Fortnite" almost got canceled. That's right. The most popular game had almost gotten to its end before it was even released.

The cancellation of 'Fortnite'

Fergusson was one of Epic Games developers during early 2010s when the gaming company was still making "Gears of War." This title was very popular and it was loved by many gamers, however, it was nothing like "Fortnite Battle Royale" in terms of success and popularity.

"Fortnite Battle Royale" has turned Epic Games into one of the most popular game developers. The success of the game has also increased profit and value of the company, and its net worth is now estimated at $15 billion.

Epic Games has made a lot of profit and gamers have finally gotten a great battle royale game, so it's a win-win situation.

However, Fergusson admits that he tried to cancel the game. “If I had stayed at Epic, I would have canceled Fortnite,” the former Epic Games developer says. “Before I left, I had tried to cancel Fortnite,” he continues.

Fergusson, who was a director of production at Epic Games, said that "Save the World" mode had some challenges and that it wouldn't have passed his bar as something the company should keep developing.

While the PvE mode of "Fortnite" is still in its early access phase and is still a paid mode, there is no doubt it is fun. However, it is clear that the battle royale mode saved the game as it probably wouldn't have been popular with only the original mode.

The worldwide sensation has survived

Fergusson left Epic Games to join Microsoft in 2012. In hindsight, this was a great move for the game developer since "Fortnite Battle Royale" has reached heights not many games have reached.

“That game you love, that worldwide sensation, would not exist had I stayed at Epic,” Fergusson said, with a laugh. Fortunately, Epic Games has managed to release the game and keep it updated for almost two years, and "Fortnite" is here to stay for a long time.