"Fortnite Battle Royale" has become successful in a short period of time and a lot of players have decided to play it professionally. Thanks to the success of the video game, many gamers have also become successful and famous, and they have earned a lot of money while streaming and playing in competitive tournaments. Turner Tenney, better known as Tfue, is one of the players who have become extremely popular for playing "Fortnite."

Tenney's impressive skills in the video game were the reason why he joined the FaZe Clan in April 2018, but it appears that the partnership may soon come to an end.

Tfue has decided to sue the clan over what he claims to be an oppressive contract. In addition, the popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" streamer has revealed some horrible things that have happened to him and other members of the organization.

The contract issues

It appears that Tfue is not happy with his contract with the FaZe Clan as Bryan Freedman, his attorney, stated that the contract is "oppressive, onerous, and one-sided." The statement claims that the contract is illegal and it prevents Tenney from exploring deals presented by other companies, not just his own organization. According to the attorney, these deals are superior to ones that FaZe Clan offers, and they are not saddled with the 80-percent finder's fee Tfue's current organization takes.

At the moment, it is hard to understand what exactly is illegal about Tfue's contract with FaZe Clan. After all, it makes a lot of sense that his organization wants him to use their own deals instead of partnering up with other companies. While the 80-percent fee sounds too high, it is probably something the gamer has previously agreed on, and it will most likely remain unchanged.

However, there are a lot of other things that have been revealed about Tenney's organization, and some of them will definitely cause some big problems.

Alcohol, gambling, and more

Tfue has claimed that FaZe Clan pressured him to live in one of its homes in the Hollywood Hills with other young gamers and YouTubers. This is where he was given alcohol before he turned 21 and he was also encouraged to illegally gamble.

In addition, the popular streamer claims that an 11-year-old FaZe member pressured him to lie about his age. This is important because players who compete in the "Fortnite" World Cup have to be 13 or older, and it appears that Tfue's organization did this intentionally, so no one would find out that the young player is ineligible for the tournament.

Reaction from other eSports personalities

A lot of other professional gamers have reacted to the latest controversy surrounding FaZe Clan. It appears that most of them are on Tfue's side, but we will have to wait and see what happens in the end. After all, we have heard only one side of the story so far, and we are still waiting for the official statement from the organization.

FaZe Clan owner, Ricky Banks, claims that the organization has never taken 80 percent from Tfue's prize money. However, this is not something the gamer has even mentioned, so Banks' tweet does not make a lot of sense. Banks has also tweeted at Nadeshot who stood behind Tfue, saying that he will regret tweeting negative things about FaZe Clan.