We are almost halfway through "Fortnite: Battle Royale's" season 8 because week 6 challenges are already live, but before the challenges were released Epic Games sent out a "cryptic" warning to players through different social media accounts and the "Fortnite's" in-game news feed.

It has become a tradition in "Fortnite" that whenever any season crosses the 5-week mark, Epic Games starts to spread hints about the upcoming major event of the season that is related to the theme of the season in some way. With the ongoing changes to the map like the appearance of a Spy Helicopter that keeps changing its location from one place to another and the emergence of the digging sites near different named locations, it is not surprising that "Fortnite" is getting yet another big event that will change the direction of the Pirate Theme and prepare the game for season 9 that is probably going to have a different theme.

Possible Discovery Outfit teased in Fortnite

The announcement, which said "Ruin is coming," was accompanied by an image of a masked figure with illuminated eyes that was emitting some sort of bright orange light. At this point, we are not sure whether Ruin is the name of the masked figure or if it is some sort of warning about an impending catastrophe that is going to befall on the island, but it is definitely going to bring a big change to the map.

It is also quite possible that the outfit teased with the ominous message is, in fact, the hidden "Discovery" skin of season 8. According to Forbes, this mysterious figure could be a World Boss that all "Fortnite" players can fight against at the same time, considering that Epic Games has been testing collective damage feature since season 7.

A "Fortnite" streamer, called "iScenario," tweeted about an unreleased pickaxe in the game files which was un-encrypted. According to the streamer, the new pickaxe is called Demon Skull (Epic rarity) and it might be liked to the skin because it fits the theme.

With that being said, it is still too early for Epic Games to tease the Discover Skin because players have to complete at least 55 weekly challenges in order to unlock the special outfit but that will only happen once the week 8 challenges of season 8 go live.

Perhaps the outfit might be related to some sort of collaboration event, considering that a lot of exciting movies and shows are going to be released in a couple of weeks and "Fortnite: Battle Royale" is known for doing collaboration events.

New leaks from "Fortnite: Battle Royale" game files also suggest that a respawn feature, similar to the one in "Apex Legends" will be coming to the game soon. According to the leak, players will have to sacrifice certain items in order to bring back their teammates.