Epic Games will keep making big changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale" during Season 8. The video game developer has already released some drastic changes to the game this season, including the removal of the siphon mechanic, and it appears the game will keep changing every single week, just as it has been the case for over a year. The "Fortnite" creator intends to change in-game vehicles, and according to some sources, these changes will be big.

The Baller will most likely be the first vehicle to be affected by the upcoming changes as Epic Games has already revealed that it will be nerfed.

Players will be able to shoot their enemies through the glass of the Baller in one of the future updates. This was planned for the v8.30 patch, but the developer had to postpone it. Beside the Baller, every other vehicle in the game will be affected by several changes.

Vehicle changes

According to Fortnite News, an anonymous source has revealed that Epic Games will implement some big changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale" vehicles. These changes haven't been released with the v8.30 update, which means that we could get them very soon. The Fortnite World Cup official qualifiers start on April 14, so we can expect the game developer to release some changes before this or shortly after. Considering that Epic Games releases most updates on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, the next big update could come on April 16.

Fortunately, Epic Games has confirmed that changes are coming to vehicles. One of the developers, who uses the DanDaDaDanDan name on Reddit, has revealed some changes that will be released. "We're working on harmonizing controller input for vehicles," the developer posted. "For example, exit is the same button for all vehicles and we're working with Creative Mode content creators to create a test map to allow everyone to easily see whether they want to use a streamlined or the old scheme."

It appears that Epic Games is not in a hurry and will first test the changes before releasing them to live servers.

The development team has released untested changes several times which have made the game worse, so it is definitely better to delay the release in favor of detailed testing.

Planes are coming back

According to data miners, planes will come back to "Fortnite Battle Royale." Fortunately for those who don't like them, planes will have its own limited-time game mode and they won't be available in the regular playlists.

In addition to this, it appears that fuel will be added to these vehicles, but it is unknown if players will have a way to refuel their planes. There is a good chance that planes will also be affected by the upcoming vehicles changes.