The final episodes of the Telltale adventure game series "The Walking Dead: The Final Season" are coming down the pipeline. However, you have to wait longer to play them. Gamespot reports that Skybound will be finishing the episodes after Telltale was shut down. The final episodes are delayed because the studio was not able to work on them and had to work out some of the legalities of starting up production again.

Skybound released a statement confirming the release and said that they are glad to get back to the actual work and are excited for the release of the final two episodes.

Skybound is also bringing back several former Telltale developers to work on the final two episodes. Skybound began work on November 19. Skybound is the media company owned by "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman. Skybound also issued a warning to players and fans that previous seasons may disappear from storefronts temporarily due to the transition process from Telltale to Skybound.

Skybound finally able to work on remaining episodes after Telltale liquidates

The announcement from Skybound comes as Telltale Games begins to liquidate and pulling its titles from Steam. Telltale Games suddenly laid off nearly all of its employees with no warning or severance pay in September. Both AMC and Smilegate were holding discussions to invest in Telltale Games, with the hopes of saving the failing company.

Skybound initiated the Telltale deal as a way to turn the comic book based "The Walking Dead" into an interactive fiction adventure game. Skybound previously teamed with Scopley to create the mobile game "The Walking Dead: Road to Survival." They later teamed up with Skydance to launch the virtual reality game “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners.”

Skybound wants to bring in former Telltale employees for their experience and skills

While Skybound is working at bringing back former Telltale employees, not all of them would return.

They are also saying that the development process is the same and is being collaborated between Telltale writers and Skybound.

Skybound CEO Ian Howe held an AMA on Reddit, said that it's unfair to ask someone to come back and do a few weeks work, especially if it would get in the way of another job offer. In regards to the storyline, Howe says that Clementine's story will be wrapped up.

The second episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season was released in October, shortly after the closure of Telltale. Howe even said that Episode 3 should be released before the end of the year. He intends to complete the story and left the door open to DLC sometime in the future. "The Walking Dead: The Final Season" follows the comic storyline and does not follow the hit AMC show "The Walking Dead."