The latest updates for "Devil May Cry 5" reveal the first gameplay demo for the sequel. Capcom will be attending this year's Gamescom event and they explained more gameplay details and features about the sequel's lore and characters. The Japanese publisher also talked about what the fans want to see in the sequel and how these changes will elevate the "DMC" franchise.

The fifth installment of "Devil May Cry" will feature the return of demon hunters Dante and Nero as they travel to Red Grave City to stop a demonic invasion. Capcom first announced the sequel at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and video game fans rejoiced at the return of the beloved action, hack and slash game series.

Gamescom appearance confirmed

According to Game Rant, game director Hideaki Itsuno officially confirmed on Twitter that "Devil May Cry 5" will have a playable demo at Gamescom 2018 event. The attendees will have a chance to test out the game and Capcom will gather data based on their feedback and suggestions.

While the demo will be available at Gamescom, it is unlikely that video game fans will see a digital version of it anytime soon. The E3 trailer showcased Nero's new "Devil Breaker" arm in action after fans saw his original arm being ripped off by an unknown demon.

The Devil Breaker was designed by Nico, the granddaughter of Neil Goldstein, and she will provide special upgrades to unlock new abilities and make it more powerful. Itsuno previously stated that Nico will have her own story arc revealing her past life before she met Nero in the game.

There is also a new playable character named V and his abilities include spell casting and summoning demons to fight for him.

However, players will likely consume time just to cast one spell and V will be vulnerable to enemy attacks.

What the fans want to see in DMC5

According to Comic, Capcom will focus more on the character development in "Devil May Cry 5" as video game fans demanded to see original heroes of the main series. Fans were disappointed with the previous title, "DmC: Devil May Cry," which was developed by Ninja Theory.

"The last game was very good, but there were a few unhappy voices because it wasn't a direct sequel and other things," Capom Marketing Director, Antoine Molant said at E3 2018. "Because of that, the dev team sat down and asked: 'Where do we take that next?' And it was known that the community wanted Devil May Cry 5 to be closer to 1, 2 and 3. And so the project was born."

Capcom admitted that fans were not happy with Ninja Theory's take on the game series, but they used it as inspiration to give them what they want. Molant added that the game was not made by fan demand alone, it had to make business sense as well. He believes that the "DMC" series is still "quite big" and they see more potential titles in the future.