The latest updates for "Devil May Cry 5" reveal new details about the sequel's new female lead, Nico. Game director Hideaki Itsuno talked about Nico's role in the game during his interview sessions with Dengeki Online and hopes that video game fans will like her character when the game launches next year.

Capcom is also setting up their goals to make the sequel a true success alongside the revamped "Resident Evil 2." "DMC5" made its official debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it featured that return of Nero and Dante. The devil hunters will go to Red Grave City to fight-off a demonic invasion.

More details about Nico

According to Dengeki Online (via PlayStation LifeStyle), Hideaki Itsuno stated that they created Nico for "Devil May Cry 5" in order to make her "likable character" in the story. Nico in the sequel will be responsible for creating Nero's new robot arm, Devil Breaker, as a replacement for his lost arm. She is also the granddaughter of Neil Goldstein, the creator of Dante's signature guns Ebony and Ivory.

"Nico is a character that was brought in to create Nero’s Devil Breaker arm. With her we aimed for a character that everyone would come to like, Itsuno told Dengeki Online, "Despite that there are highly individual opinions about her."

Itsuno also revealed that Nico will also have her own individual story and will explore her past before meeting Nero.

She can upgrade the Devil Breaker to unlock new abilities, making it more powerful and deadlier to each foe Nero encounters.

"DMC 5" will also feature a third playable character named V and his move set involves using long-range magic attacks and spell casting. Itsuno teased that V will be an important piece in the main story and there is a reason why he does not have a weapon.

Capcom's high expectations for 'Devil May Cry 5'

According to Gaming Bolt, Capcom has high expectations for "Devil May Cry 5" and "Resident Evil 2" next year due to the impact they created for the video game fans at E3 2018. "Resident Evil 2" was noted for causing "sensation" among attendees, while "DMC5" had a strong interest amongst action-game fans.

Capcom predicted that these two video game titles will have the highest sales rating next year surpassing "Monster Hunter: World," "Resident 7," and "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition." Ironically enough, the two games are made from the same RE Engine software used in "RE7," which enhanced the character facial designs of all of the characters.

For now, Capcom is still developing both games and they showcase another demo gameplay at Gamescom 2018 on August 21 to 25.