PlayStation 4 owners may actually welcome a somewhat slower month, but Sony seems determined to never give its customers' wallets a moment's rest! Admittedly, August 2018 lacks any huge exclusives like "Horizon Zero Dawn" or "God of War," but this hardly means there is nothing of note debuting on the hardware. Whether dealing with popular yearly franchises or revamped versions of beloved classics, these upcoming weeks are stuffed with exciting titles that could be among 2018's best games.

PlayStation 4 takes a trip down memory lane with 'Shenmue'

Costing a mouthwatering $29.99, Sega has finally decided to embrace its legendary action-adventure series. Instigated by a successful Kickstarter that pushed "Shenmue III" into production, the Japanese publisher has opted to remaster the original two games for the current generation. PlayStation 4 players who formerly missed out on "Shenmue" and its sequel have been provided with the perfect opportunity to experience one of gaming's most renowned stories.

Ambitious and gorgeous, the original games hold up relatively well; nevertheless, an updated version is more than appreciated. As suggested by the price, the PlayStation 4 version is not going to be a full remaster, but the controls have been updated and the resolution improved.

"Shenmue I & II" will be available to purchase from August 21.

Take down mummies and minotaurs on the PlayStation 4

"Strange Brigade" seems set to fill that void left by Valve's "Left 4 Dead" franchise. Developed and published by Rebellion Developments, this cooperative third-person shooter takes place in the 1930s and centers around four adventurers who have to battle through numerous mythological creatures.

Multiplayer titles are a dime-a-dozen, but the PlayStation 4 could use another title that focuses on cooperative play.

While the similarities to Valve's popular series is obvious, Rebellion's "Zombie Army Trilogy" was also slightly comparable. "Strange Brigade" launches on August 28.

Yearning for a good racer? Well, the PlayStation 4 has you covered!

Codemasters is the undisputed trailblazers of the racing genre, and the studio's reign should continue with "F1 2018." Building on the solid foundations of its predecessor, racing fans can look forward to an authentic driving experience, as immersion has always been the name of the game

Besides fine-tuning the mechanics, Codemasters has also expanded upon last year's Career mode and added a slew of classic cars for older fans. PlayStation 4 players can pick up "F1 2018" from August 24.