The latest updates for "Devil May Cry 5" reveal new details about Nero's connection to Dante's older twin brother, Vergil, in the demon-hunting, hack and slash franchise. Game director Machiteru Okabe told Famitsu (via GearNuke) during an interview session that Nero is indeed the son of Vergil, and this revelation could be a huge turning point in the sequel's main plot.

There are also new clues about the game's possible release date next year. "DMC 5" was announced during Microsoft's panel presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event.

Nero will travel to Red Grave City to fight a demonic invasion, and look for a certain individual responsible for taking his Devil Bringer.

Nero's true parentage revealed

According to GearNuke, "Devil May Cry 5" director Machiteru Okabe confirmed that Nero is Vergil's son after Famitsu's interviewer Matthew, pointed out that he looks like a younger version of Dante and Vergil in the character CGI design. Okabe was flattered by the comments on Nero's design and was happy about the facial similarities between them.

"Some fans said that 'he looks just like his father,' so I was happy that people could see the similarity," Okabe told Famitsu. Nero's lineage in the "DMC" franchise has been the topic of numerous fan theories and speculations.

When Nero was introduced in "DMC4" he had the same physical features and demonic powers as the sons of Sparda, making him a decedent of the legendary demon knight. When he wields Yamato, his Devil Trigger takes the form of an Avatar similar to Vergil's demonic form.

Another known fact is that Vergil visited Nero's hometown of Fortuna in the "DMC4: Special Edition," but video game fans are wondering if this was canon or not.

Capcom will likely reveal more information about the fifth game within the year as Nero is sent to Red Grave City to fight demons with the help of a new female lead, Nico. He will receive a new robot arm called Devil Breaker and Nico will provide some sweet upgrades to make it stronger.

New clues on 'Devil May Cry 5's' launch date

According to PC Gamer, Capcom will likely launch "Devil May Cry 5" in April 2019 as the website pointed out that spring starts in late March, which means it could be coming out at the end of the month.

Capcom will be busy developing and promoting "DMC5" and "Resident Evil 2" Remake for the consoles and PC platform next year. They will hope to surpass their previous successes of "Monster Hunter World" and "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition."