EA has officially revealed some of the games that players will be expecting from them in the near future at their EA Play E3 pre-show. One of them is BioWare's upcoming online multiplayer RPG - "Anthem." The game's Executive Producer Mark Darrah recently sat down with Game Informer's Joe Juba as the latter fired away some rapid questions about the anticipated co-op shooter.

According to Juba's recent interview, Darrah made it clear that "Anthem" is not a "Destiny" nor a "Monster Hunter" adding that players can go solo in the game despite marketing it as a multiplayer title.

He also pointed out that there will be microtransactions in the game, though he went on by stating it will only sell in-game cosmetics. With the recent backlash regarding loot boxes, the producer also said that such a feature or similar to that (secret card packs etc.) is non-existent. Let's just hope that they keep it that way.

First and last 'Anthem?'

Early on in the interview, Darrah also mentioned that "Anthem" won't have an offline mode and a Nintendo Switch port is out of the question. Juba then asked as to how many "Anthem" games BioWare have mapped out for the franchise? Darrah replied that the upcoming game is intended as a live service, adding that there might be just one. The executive producer also revealed that players cannot recruit AI party members and no romantic encounters will be present in "Anthem," though they can still build relationships in the game.

A couple of upcoming features

Now that it has been revealed in the teaser trailer the types of Javelins (similar to "Destiny's" Guardians) that will be introduced in the game, Darrah also provided some details about these exosuits. When asked if players can swap between Javelins, Darrah said that a swap is possible, though it is barred while in the middle of a mission.

he added that there's no need to start a new character. Switching from one player's Javelin to another is not possible at launch. However, it may well seem that the feature could be added in future updates. Trading items with other players is also not allowed.

Juba also asked if there's a main villain and final boss in "Anthem?" Darrah answered yes to the former and "there's an end" to the so-called "Critical Path." Darrah also said that players cannot yet change what the character looks like outside the exosuit, but there is a chance that they might add that feature in the future.

Aside from the exosuit, Darrah revealed that there's a so-called Strider that somewhat serves as a base, but it's not drivable. He also stated in the interview that there's no unlimited inventory space in "Anthem."