"Battle Royale" has taken over the gaming industry as of late, and now there is a new twist to the genre. Developed by Blackrose Arts, "Valhall" is a battle royale style game, set in the medieval time of Vikings. Play in first or third person perspectives, obtain weapons and armor throughout each battle, and lay waste to your opponents with incredible fighting mechanics. You'll battle in a vast and unique map with different themes. At the center of the map is the coveted Sword of Odin! Players will be tasked with defeating their enemies, avoiding the gravity field which constantly crumbles away parts of the map and can suck players up with its strength, and retrieving the famed sword.

Don't worry about your computers specs either! The goal of "Valhall" is to be playable by everyone on almost every computer. According to Blackrose Arts, "We are both developers and gamers so we understand fully how important optimization [is] and do our best to make your gaming process more and more pleasing."

'Valhall' game features

The map is beautifully built with incredible design and graphics. It is split into four equal parts, each containing its own season. There is everything in this map, like uninhabited villages, a labyrinth made by Loki and dreadful caves. It's up to the player to make it to the pedestal in the center of a Colosseum-like arena full of dark corners and death traps.

Throughout the world are scattered chests you can open to receive items and enhancements.

Chests include a weapons chest, runes chest, bronze chest, silver chest, and golden chest! You'll find weapons, runes that grant visual effects to your weapons, and bronze, silver, and golden chests that contain armor specific to each color.

Once inside the battle arena, you will be placed with 49 other players, all trying to achieve the same goal.

You may enter with a squad of up to five Vikings and fight together though! Experience one and one battles, or large group based fights, taken straight from a painting.

Unique features in 'Valhall'

This is not just another battle royale game. It comes with its own unique features unlike any of the others! Not only is the setting one of a kind, the weapons, movement and ability to feign death add to this already popular genre.

Weapons include bows, spears, shields, knives, swords, and axes! All of which can be found scattered around the map or within a weapons chest! Pick up and go as you battle your way to glory!

The movement capabilities are amazing and fluid. Not only will you have the ability to run, walk and climb, but you are also skilled in the skill parkour! Run, jump and climb buildings throughout your campaign and use your environment to your advantage!

Don't think you can take that group coming up to you on your own? Not a problem, you can feign death and attempt to fake out your opponents! Use this to your advantage and hope they don't see through your trickery!

Other features include radius voice chat, quests, and customizable armor!

You can pre-order now on Indiegogo and follow "Valhall" on Facebook and Twitter!