It may appear that the market is flooded with the survival genre, but each has its own unique storytelling and gameplay features. "Jaws of Extinction" is no different! Being developed by KYE (Know Your Enemy) Creations, they see the bar and raise it with their team of developers. In the apocalyptic world of Edin-Nadir, players will be tasked with surviving the desolate landscape and outlast The Wanderers. You may follow the extensive story, or travel around the gigantic world. The choice is yours, and how you develop your character is completely up to you.

Play solo or with friends, build small shacks or settlements, collect resources to craft weapons, and even customize vehicles! There are tons of possibilities for you, so get your gear and try to survive!

Gameplay features

"Jaws of Extinction" offers classic survival genre features while adding new and exciting opportunities at the same time. Of course, you'll be tasked with managing your overall health. Your temperature, wellness, energy, thirst, and hunger all account for you and you will have to maintain them to stay at your fighting best. There is also dynamic weather and seasons. Each with its own pros and cons, so be prepared for winter!

The map in Eden-Nadir is 67 square kilometers, so there will be plenty to discover and do while you're exploring!

Throughout the map, you'll find and craft weapons, vehicles, and even grow plants and live off the land. The world is populated by animals and people alike. You will be able to hunt animals as well, but be careful. Each NPC and every creature has their own AI, and react to differently to you! Build your base with extra fortification with traps and trip wires!

Customize it how you see fit and live in isolation or build with other players!

More 'Jaws of Extinction' features

There will be no micro-transactions in this game! There is, however, a fantastic in-game currency where players can trade with NPCs or even other players! If you can't find that item you've been looking for, no worries, the shop may have it!

Throughout your gameplay experience, you can either follow the main quest line and discover the truth behind what caused this disaster or get lost in tons of side quests! There will also be random world events that occur. Strongholds might come under attack, or other groups may call out to you for help. It will be completely up to you to decide if you choose to help!

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