The "Fortnite" Battle Royale Community is on a grind as of late now that the game's latest season has arrived. However, some players are beginning to notice some issues that might have went alongside Season 4's release.

No skins

Fans are pretty much acquainted by now about the no skin bug where the characters literally change skins midgame. Most of these incidents happen when the character in question is extremely far from the other player (can be observed using a scoped weapon). However, recent encounters with this bug show that these so-called no skins change outfits at close range.

Someone from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted a short clip showcasing this issue. Per the video, the Redditor (u/noz_1) was at Tilted while the bug happened. By the time he reached one of the buildings' rooftop, he encountered an enemy that he initially saw as a no skin. In the middle of their shoot fest, the character then changed to a John Wick and to add more salt to it, the player got eliminated by the glitched opponent. The same thing went down with another Redditor (u/SSHADY64) when he encountered a no skin that turned into a Dark Voyager. He eliminated the fellow though.

The former's post gained massive upvotes from the community as Epic Games took notice of it.

According to the game maker, this is expected to happen in certain cases. They further explained that they try to make sure that the outfits are loaded early, though "Fornite" has a very massive queue of assets being loaded in the background that occasionally results in lags in cosmetics that should appear in a character.

The devs went on stating that this usually occurs in areas of the map that are densely populated or when players move to areas with bigger POIs where many assets have to be loaded in.

Epic assured its player base that they'll continue to improve their system in future updates.

Invisible players too

In line with this, another bug was also brought to light by another player over on the same subreddit. The posted clip featured an invisible enemy that knocked him down.

It can be observed on the video that he's in circles as he's figuring out what just happened.

The player claims that his teammates (who were already eliminated) were seeing the enemy (who's a John Wick) before it finally came into view on his end. Epic, on the other hand, has yet to address the said issue.

Check out a video about "Fortnite" below: