The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal a new PvP mode being developed and the possible identity of the mysterious Exo Stranger in the game. Bungie announced a new PvP called "Crucible Labs" for the sequel's second DLC expansion, "Warmind" and developers released a detailed look at its development roadmap for the next few months.

The video game publisher also revealed who the Exo Stranger is in the "Destiny" lore and how is identity has something to do with "Warmind's" plot. The Exo Stranger first appeared in the original game and is one the big mysteries that video game fans want to solve since her introduction.

Who is the Exo Stranger?

The Exo Stranger is one of the characters who from the first "Destiny" title who has a key interest on the player's progress during his/her missions outside of the Last City. The character has been the source of numerous in-game rumors and speculation regarding her true identity and it seems that Bungie may have revealed who she really as the latter is involved in the events of "Warmind" DLC expansion.

According to Bungie, the Exo Stranger's real name is Elsie Bray, a member of the Bray Family who owns the Clovis Brays science facility on Mars during the Golden Age. The facility is tied to the events of the second DLC as the Guardians help Ana Bray take down the Hive from reaching the advance and dangerous weapons stored in the building.

Elsie was mentioned in the first game as the architect for the Guardian's ship, Eon Trespass, and she disappeared three years after its creation. The events of the "Warmind" led to her return as she assists Ana and the Guardians to fend off the enemies that want to destroy her family's legacy.

Players will discover more about Elsie once they have discovered lost memory fragments throughout Mars hinting her memories such as studying the Vex, working on a time machine, and taking away memories of important secrets about her family from the wrong hands.

Her logged notes also revealed how she became an Exo before the events of the first game.

'Crucible Labs' coming soon

Bungie announced that players will expect to see Crucible Labs come out on May 29 alongside improvements on the Faction Rallies and Exotic Armor Sandbox changes. "Destiny 2' design lead Derek Carroll stated that these features will be part of the update 1.2.1 and allows players to "voice out" what they think about the game's development.

For now, the developers are testing the new PvP game mode in their current Public Test Realm and will announce new details about it very soon.