The effect that video games have on players has long been debated. At the center of the debate is the question of whether or not gaming leads to addiction and dependence. That said, others have noted that it is just a fun hobby that can be beneficial, and one that does not promote or glorify violence.

With everything that has been going on in the world, people believe that playing violent Video Games like "Mortal Kombat," "GTA," or even "COD," could be one of the causes of modern-day shooters. The interesting question is if they cause an underlying dependence/addiction that is tough to shake.

Games are expensive and it has gotten easier to dish out a lot of cash on games and consoles with a lot on the market. As an example, one man spent an insane amount of money on a Mobile Game, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Daniel Epstein and Miho Inada.

The insane amount

This man spent $70,000 on Sony's mobile game "Fate/Grand Order." The mobile game is very successful as "Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda estimates that revenue from the game is likely to top $1 billion in the year ending in March -- meaning it brings in an average of more than $2.5 million every day." And the hilarious thing is that this game has made all this money despite it being free to play.

Players spend the money on bonus content and huge sums of money for "in-game drawings" which give the individual a chance to get more characters. It seems that the game has great storytelling and graphics to lure gamers into spending said money. The formula of superb graphics and an intriguing story can certainly attract gamers.

Gamers seem to be enticed with this specific game because of the story, graphics, and the addictive nature of upgrading characters and acquiring new ones.

$70,000 can buy you a college education, a car, or even serve as a downpayment on a house.

No regrets

The man is Daigo (31). When interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, he said "he has already spent more than $70,000 collecting rare "FGO" characters...and has no regrets." Diago could go on to spend even more money on characters.

He certainly spends a lot of time and effort on getting these rare characters in the game, but he definitely is not the only one doing so -- or spending outrageous amounts of money. It shows that games can be addictive and resemble gambling. So if you think you're spending too much money on video games and need to stop or even feel bad about it, think again! Just be careful and don't overdo it.