The "God Of War" series first made its debut back in 2005 and has since become one of the most well-received and iconic franchises on PlayStation. Numerous games have been released on the PS2, PS3, and PSP, and now "God of War" is finally getting a new game on the PlayStation 4. The latest main installment in the series was released back in 2013 and was called "God of War: Ascension," but it has been a number of years since we got to catch up with the mighty Kratos. Reports by Game Spot and IGN provided a lot of the information used in this article.

A new adventure

A new installment, simply titled "God of War," was first announced during Sony's E3 2016 conference and showed an older Kratos who was now living in the far North in a world full of Norse Gods and monsters. This new game sees Kratos and his son Atreus embarking on a dangerous mission which will see them going head-to-head against creatures from Norse mythology such as Ogres, Draugr, and Trolls. The game is a continuation of the events of the original series but also serves as a good jumping on point for newcomers.

Highly anticipated

The "God of War" series is well known for providing quality gaming experiences exclusive to the PlayStation. The series has always paved the way for the latest in beautiful graphics, engaging stories, and adrenaline-inducing combat gameplay with plenty of violence and gore.

The announcement of a new "God of War" certainly got fans excited, but would it be able to live up to the reputation of its past entries?

Critical acclaim

"God of War" is set to be released on April 20 but the review embargo is now over and Critics are free to upload their thoughts on the eagerly awaited title. Those concerned that Kratos may not be able to cut it anymore need not worry, it seems that the new game more than lives up to the high standards set by previous games.

GameSpot has given it a 9/10, IGN has awarded it a perfect 10, Game Informer scores it at 9.75/10, and Polygon has also given it a 10/10. It seems this isn't just a great "God of War" game, but also a great game in general that even those unfamiliar with should check out.

Another great exclusive

Sony has become known for its excellent lineup of exclusive games that can only be played on the PS4.

Last year, we saw the likes of critically acclaimed games such as "Nioh," "Horizon Zero Dawn," "Nier: Automata," and "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy." This year, we've already had "Shadow of the Colossus Remastered," and we can also look forward to the likes of "God of War," "Detroit: Become Human," and "Spider-Man." I think there is no doubt that these great games will certainly be attracting gamers to the PS4.