Hyping your girl over her slaying photo on Instagram seem to be becoming quite the norm these days, and Zac Efron did just that. Fans lost their minds when Zac left a seemingly flirty comment on an Instagram photo of his rumored girlfriend, Alexandra Daddario.

After posting a photo on Instagram of her in a cute dress with her dog, Levon, looking up at her on April 4, Wednesday, Alexandra received a surprising comment from Zac. The comment says "Two Hot B*tches" referring to Alexandra and her dog, followed by a heart, winking, and praying hands emoji.

Fans then reacted right after, mentioning Zac, and expressing their laughter over his comment.

While they do not confirm or deny the relationship speculations surrounding them, they are not afraid to express their fondness for each other through their social media accounts amid and after the filming of Baywatch. According to Zac, Alexandra is not just a hot babe, but also the "most real, down to earth, stunning, intelligent, creative, loving, and most rare Pokémon ever created." Rapidash better watch out!

What the rumored girlfriend could say about Zac

It's also worth mentioning that Alexandra is as excited about Zac as he is for her. In December, she commented about the 30-year old actor's physique and said she 'wasn't prepared' and like an 'animalistic shock went through her.' The actress also emphasized how starstruck she was over the actor and described him as 'like not human'"

"He’s like something Michelangelo carved.

I’ve never seen a man that looks like him. It’s incredible," she added.

On Zac's flirty nature

Meanwhile, Zac has been known for being mushy on social media with women he has worked with in the past. In 2017, relationship Rumors about him and Rebecca Fugerson exploded after co-starring with each other in "The Greatest Showman.

" Exactly like how he is with Daddario, he posted quite a lot of photos with the female actress along with flirty heart emojis in the descriptions.

Of course, nobody from both parties confirmed nor denied the dating rumors, but Efron told US Weekly in December that working with Fugerson and his on-screen love interest, Zendaya, was indeed a pleasure.

“They work tirelessly,” referring to her two female co-stars.

For Efron, filming movies is a dedicated job and observing her female co-stars execute scenes in an extremely professional manner was enjoyable. He added that musicals especially have a lot of hurdles and he is proud to have starred alongside Zendaya and Fugerson.