"Xera: survival" is not just another survival game. It incorporates unique and interesting features, a sleek UI, and an original concept for the otherwise tired Genre. The survival genre is overloaded with zombies, as is our television and movies. Not everything has to be about zombies, and now, thanks to this magnificent game, we can finally take a deep breath of some badly needed fresh air.

On their Kickstarter page the "XERA: Survival" story is set in a not-too-distant future where humanity has gone too far with AI and created something we cannot control anymore.

The world is now overrun with these Humanoid Robots and they will attack you at any chance they get. There are designated safe zones provided by the "engineers" but anything outside is left up to the players, like whether they come back alive or die in the cold wilderness. Keeping with the genre, players will have to fight to stay alive! You will have to outlast the weather, eat and drink, and of course, not get killed by a Humanoid Robot or shot by another player.

'XERA: Survival' gameplay and unique features

General survival genre mechanics are still at play here, like the aforementioned food and thirst system, dynamic weather changes, and scavenging.

However, there are several new inclusions that add intricacies to the genre's gameplay.

The drone, for instance, is a big staple of the game and can be used to plant and remote detonate explosives and offer a bright light to help players see in the dark. The mission system is also another feature found lacking in many survival genre games.

There are different missions depending on the type of character they accept from. Each successful mission will come with a reward.

The user interface is so clean and fresh that you'll just want to sit and stare at it. Ultimately, all that's displayed is what's needed to give you the best viewing experience possible. The inventory looks seamless and the HUD is beautiful.

Everything is elegant and satisfying to your eyes and mind!

"XERA: Survival" also offers multiple skill trees to enhance abilities and assume your play style. There are 3 branches of skills; combat, survival and crafting. Along with an experience system you will have plenty to do as you level up you character. Choose how you want to play, as a scavenger, as someone who runs into the fray of a fight, or just tries to passively survive, the choice is yours.

'XERA: Survival's' excellent multiplayer

The game is greatly centered around multiplayer, although with a private server (purchased directly from "XERA: Survival") you could probably play single if so desired. The awesome thing about "XERA: Survival's" servers is, if you collect items and place them in your "bank" on one server, you can log into another server and the items cross servers with you!

This makes joining and playing with friends so much simpler!

As of now, the player capacity for one map is 50 people, with plans of increasing to 100 on a larger scale map. Currently the map Redwood Valley is 10km squared. That's a lot of gorgeous terrain to venture through.

There's no need to worry about latency issues as well. With a fast-paced PvP experience, they've got you covered with servers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

You can find them on Kickstarter, and can donate if you so choose. Creativity and originality are hard to come by these days, and this delivers on all fronts.