Epic Games is just one of the few game developers out there that listens to its community and have some of its players' ideas come to life in "Fortnite." Such is likely to happen again as they are considering another pitched idea from one of their players.

Launch Pad buff?

A "Fortnite" player (/u/dylansanroman) recently took to FortniteBR's subreddit to share some of his thoughts about the game. Per the Redditor's post, he and some of his friends have suggested that Epic should buff the drop rates of launch pads within the map's points of interest, especially the ones that are situated on the edges.

The fan further explained that this could increase traffic in these areas of the map, not to mention that other players would not need to "run a marathon" to get to the circle. He went on, stating that this might encourage the "Fortnite" faithful to head over to those areas without having to worry about the shrinking circle.

Epic Games, on the other hand, took notice of said post, and said that the idea is now being considered. The game maker even asked its player base about what they think of said idea.

The community's two cents about this

The post has been raking in a hefty amount of upvotes from other members of the subreddit (over 2,000 at the time of writing) indicating that they are down with the said proposal.

However, there are still some who prefer to have the drop rates remain the same, as they pointed out that the fun factor of anticipating it would be gone.

Leaks galore over the past few days

Meanwhile, there was datamined information that got leaked some days ago suggesting that there could be rideable vehicles down the pipeline.

If the files are anything to go by, it may well seem that the shopping carts within the game will be the first ones to be deemed as drivable. There's even an area within the map's southeast section where they are lined up as if there'll be a race.

Another wave of leaks went out just recently, as it featured some upcoming weapons/items that are likely to be rolled out in "Fortnite." These alleged leaks mentioned a Telenade and a Vacuum Grenade, where the former would allow players to teleport from one place to another, while the latter would be similar to the Impulse Grenade.

In other "Fortnite" news, the so-called Invite Event in preparation for the game's mobile version went live on March 12. Players are now able to sign up for a mobile application invite.