As the impending March 20th release date of "Sea Of Thieves" approaches, developer Rare Studios has put a series of developer diaries chronicling the need-to-know facts about the anticipated title. Previous updates went over gameplay elements like weather effects, ship gameplay, among other things. This week’s video was focused on the game’s character customization, with Rare showing off their “Character Carousel.”

Character Carousel

While many open-ended games like this tend to have a pretty expansive customization suite, "Sea of Thieves" is using what they call a “Character Carousel.” This will combine their IPG (Infinite Pirate Generator) with what will be a wide selection of characters with specific body types that you can choose from.

You decide on a body type/character type you want, then choose whatever cosmetic details that’ll complete your character’s final look.

Appearances and Status go hand-in-hand

The varied customization options also help indicate one’s status/progression in-game. Certain outfits and articles of clothing are saved for later levels and serve as a visual representation of player progress. Players can feel free to show off as much as they please once they’re higher level or show off your own humbleness/remain undercover by sticking with your level 1 rags.

Customization isn’t just limited to what you’re wearing either, as your ship can be designed to your liking as well. Whether it’s a specific wheel or masthead, Rare’s design team has worked hard to ensure that there is no shortage of options.

Although recent Rare projects haven’t been the most well-accepted, "Sea of Thieves" has by far the most promise from many of the company’s projects. Tie that in with the abundance of beta playtime available to players who have been giving feedback nonstop, and it seems that Rare has had plenty of feedback and creative ideas to help form the next big MMO (if the player base sticks with it).

If you’ve got Xbox Games Pass and wanted to give "Sea of Thieves" a try, the program will have all Xbox-exclusive titles available to demo (including Thieves) on their release day.

If you’d like to check out the video discussing the customization suite, the video can be watched just below:

If you’re interested in trying out the game’s final open beta, but feel nervous about jumping right into the game without some guidance, you can check out this article that goes over the basics.

What do you think about "Sea of Thieves?" Have you gotten the chance to play it? Let us know in the comments below!