Epic Games has just rolled out a new limited time mode (LTM) in "Fortnite's" Battle Royale known as Blitz and fans can play it on either solo or squad modes. Little did they know that the former has a cool backstory to it making the game maker live up to their name yet again.

Epic delivers

Fans are well aware of the Blitz since it was already teased on previous updates. One of them made a comment suggesting that they need a solo version for the new game mode to which a staff from Epic then responded with a simple "ok." Surprisingly, an update was immediately rolled out for the new LTM as it already included the earlier requested solo mode.

A screenshot of this conversation was even posted over on FortniteBR's subreddit where it got a decent amount of upvotes. A member of the subreddit, on the other hand, made an entertaining theory about such move from Epic as he stated that an intern from the game studio could have made the comment and went on making some tweaks without asking permission from the tenured staff.

Tidbits about the new limited time mode

Meanwhile, Epic recently took to Twitter to announce that wins that are incurred by players on Blitz will be included in their respective stats. However, the game maker gave a heads up to mobile players as they revealed that the new LTM has been changed to solo only.

They further explained that they've encountered a bug within the game's fill option on mobile, though they assured fans that they'll be rolling out an update once they've devised a workaround for this issue. Matchmaking and login issues were also addressed, though these bugs were already fixed by Epic.

Per "Fortnite's" V3.3 update, the new Blitz mode will kick off with the storm circle already closing in.

This will result in a shorter storm time where its maximum match length will only last for 15 minutes. Loot availability was also tweaked to cater for the intensity of this new LTM, including its harvesting resources that got doubled.

Resources in loot were also buffed as it got an increase from 30 to 100. Both treasure chest and ammo box health were also tweaked as they got an increase from 200 to 500 and 120 to 250 respectively.

Part of the recent update has finally implemented a fix on an issue where the stairs rotate unintentionally and another one for a bug that causes an eliminated player's collision to "stick around" temporarily, which both irked the "Fortnite" BR community for quite a while now. Check out a video about the game here: