"Outlast" is a 2013 horror and psychological thriller game created and published by Red Barrels, which was originally released for PC. The title centers around an investigative journalist who visits a psychiatric facility deep in the mountains. How do things go for him? Not well it would seem. He has numerous terrifying encounters, including one with a psychotic priest. The game is set in the first person and makes good use of night vision camera footage.

There are plenty of scare jumps and twists in the storyline for any fans of the horror game experience.

That being said, this is no Resident Evil. The protagonist will not be fighting his way free of the mountain. Your first reaction is to run and generally speaking; this is your best bet to survive in the game.

Red Barrels received good reviews and decent scores from critics. The series has maintained a decent following since its initial release. It was ported from the PC to both PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. There was also a DLC released, and a sequel was produced.

So what else is there for Outlast fans?

The DLC is a prequel and centers on a software engineer who worked inside the facility. It details his story and gives background on what led the main character of the first game to investigate the hospital.

The DLC is just as terrifying, and you spend much of your time avoiding your own murder while trying to contact the authorities.

Red Barrels has recently announced via Facebook that there is a third "Outlast" game in the making. They posted the announcement as an update to fans. The company gave very little information regarding the third installment, other than it not being a DLC.

What unrelated information they did provide in the announcement came as a surprise to everyone.

So why are we talking about the first Outlast now?

Red Barrels decided to port "Outlast" to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a portable system and has done very well. The news came out on Red Barrel's Twitter several months ago, and the company has not said much since.

That is until they announced via Twitter on February 27 that the game is now available for download on the Nintendo eShop.

This happened to be the second shock regarding this bit of news. No one really expected the port, but then Nintendo did not announce the release date ahead of time. Instead, the world discovered it was available on the same day it was released. The Nintendo port was released under the title "Outlast: Bundle of Terror" and includes the Whistleblower DLC.

The package can be had on the eShop for $24.99. For fans of the series, it was also announced that the "Sequel Outlast 2," is not far behind. A Switch port will be released in March 2018 and is now available for preorder.