Sony has announced via its official PlayStation blog the next selection of free games that will be available for Playstation Plus subscribers to download and keep this month. The year began with a strong selection of titles, and it looks like February aims to keep up the level of quality on offer to PlayStation gamers.

PlayStation Plus

For $59.99 a year, PlayStation gamers can purchase a subscription to PlayStation Plus which allows online play on the PS4 and includes a host of other bonuses such as exclusive discounts on games sold via the PlayStation Store and the ability to connect with other gamers online.

The most attractive offer is arguably the collection of free games that are made available at the beginning of each month for subscribers to download and play.

January's offering

The new year kicked off with subscribers being able to get their hands on the first season of Telltale's episodic "Batman" series. "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" is also up for grabs as well as "Mandatory Happiness," the PSVR game "Starblood Arena," "That's You!", and "Uncanny Valley." Offerings from Sony can sometimes be hit-or-miss but gamers were impressed by January's selection and the new year started off on the right foot with some really great games.

February's line-up

It looks like Sony is keeping up the momentum and this month's host of free games is arguably even more impressive than last months.

First up is "RiME," the strongly reviewed indie-game with a distinct visual that was released only last year. The second game comes in the form of the triple-A PlayStation exclusive "Knack," which served as a launch title for the system back in 2013. "Knack" received mixed reviews upon its launch but will no doubt appeal to the young at heart.

PS3 gamers are being treated to "Spelunker" and "Mugen Soulz 3", while PS Vita players are getting "the Grand Kingdom," which will also be available on the PS4.

Grab 'em while you can

This new line-up of games will become available on February 6, so make sure you download January's selection soon if you haven't already. "Starblood Arena" will remain available until March 6, presumably to help promote the PSVR headset to consumers.

So far this year it seems Sony has been committed to making the PS Plus line-up worth the cash, time will tell whether or not the rest of the year's selection will be as good, but we're certainly off to a good start. You'll also want to make sure there's enough free space on your PS4's hard drive to download all these titles!