Tyler1 is back to "League of Legends," the game that started his entire streaming career. Riot games, the company that developed "League of Legends," handed down a one year ban to the streamer for his toxicity in the in-game chat system back in 2016. The streamer took a three-month hiatus from Twitch in preparation for streaming "League of Legends" in the new year. Tyler1 was eagerly welcomed back by the Twitch and "League of Legends" community as he amassed more than 300,000 viewers for his return to streaming. He even cosplayed his favorite champion, Draven, for the occasion.

Since the ban was removed, Tyler1 has been streaming about six days a week in preparation for his commitment to being Twitch's streamer of the year. The streamer has also set a goal of attaining 30,000 subscribers on Twitch, to which he is around the 27,000 mark, as of right now. He made a deal that once he achieves the 30,000 mark, he will have a celebratory 50-hour live stream on Twitch. The streamer already this year has a 45-hour stream under his belt when the newest ranked season for "League of Legends" began.

The streamer gained his fame from not only being a "League of Legends" player but also due to his high-energy and vocal streams. Often times yelling at his chat through the live stream and doing ridiculous stunts when he receives donations.

Tyler1 attained the rank of Challenger (this is the top-ranked bracket of players) in "League of Legend's" sixth season of competitive gameplay. Playing and streaming the game five days a week, the streamer hopes to attain that rank once again.

Streamer of the year?

Tyler1 wants to dethrone last year's winner, Dr. DisRespect, by winning the title for 2018.

He will definitely have some serious competition, though, as the most followed person on Twitch, Summit1G, might have something to say about that. Shroud, Sodapoppin, Lirik, and even Dr. DisRespect, will all be big contenders for Twitch's streamer of the year for 2018.

Is Tyler1 really reformed?

Many members of the "League of Legends" community and even subscribers to Tyler1's Twitch channel think that it is only a matter of time before he starts to return to old toxic habits.

On the flip side, many people think he is a changed person as he attempts to get the rank of Challenger (this is the top-ranked bracket of players) this season. Ultimately, time will tell what is in store for the young streamer. If anything, his streams are always entertaining if you have some time to spare.