"Overwatch" players simply love events because they get numerous cosmetic items with every event. These events are usually related to real-life holidays and events, and right now, Blizzard is having the Winter Wonderland event in "Overwatch." Once again, the game developer has done a fantastic job with new cosmetic items, and they also lowered the price of last year's Winter Wonderland items and made them available.

Before the event started, Blizzard promoted it over the social media. They advertised new "Overwatch" skins and victory poses, but it turns out that some of those items are missing from the game.

Many players are wondering why the items haven't been added to the game, so hopefully the game company will do something about that soon.

Missing victory poses

User heyyVirus recently made an interesting post on the official "Overwatch" forums. The post was related to the victory poses that were shown in Blizzard's sponsored posts. However, these victory poses are nowhere to be found in the game.

Winter Wonderland 2017 event added seven new victory poses to "Overwatch." D.Va, Mercy, Reinhard, Pharah, Ana, Torbjorn, and Soldier: 76 received new poses. Last five heroes got toast poses, but it turns out that two more heroes should have received these poses.

The forum poster made an observation regarding this, saying that Sombra and Bastion both had toast victory poses in the sponsored post made by Blizzard.

Unfortunately, neither of them has these poses, so the player is wondering what happened to them.

While many players believe that Blizzard simply forgot to add these two victory poses to the game, some believe that the poses will be added next year. It is still unclear what happened, but "Overwatch" players are waiting for Blizzard's response.

These two poses may not mean much to everyone, but Sombra and Bastion mains would surely love to have them.

Winter Wonderland 2017

The current event has some amazing skins, and even though Sombra and Bastion did not get the toast victory poses, they received great skins. Beside these two, there are 17 more Winter Wonderland skins, including ones that were added last year.

In addition, the event allows players to obtain three event-exclusive highlight intros and five new emotes. It is important to note that this year's event end on January 1, 2018, so make sure you log in to "Overwatch" and earn loot boxes before it's too late!