The dynamic weather system has been in "Pokemon GO" for quite a while now and has given players another reason to grind in the game. However, fans are quite irked with its Extreme Weather warning that turns off the system whenever the condition outdoors are deemed bad even though there are times that are not. That being said, Niantic has devised a solution and it officially went live.

'I am safe'

The AR game developer has just rolled out a new update to its weather system as "Pokemon GO" players are now allowed to opt out of the Extreme Weather message.

Whenever they feel that the extreme warning was sent in error, trainers can simply press the "I am safe" button for the weather system to be reactivated. This move by Niantic has been received positively by the community as the developer also hinted that they are slated to release new updates before the year ends.

Another update that also went live is the Holiday-themed boxes. These limited-time-only boxes have a corresponding number of items inside as players can buy these using the in-game Pokecoins.

Evolution/transfer bug

Meanwhile, Niantic has recently addressed a glitch in the game that has grown to frustrate the "Pokemon GO" player base for quite a while now.

This new bug causes the "Pokemon" list to somewhat automatically scroll up whenever a monster is either transferred to the screen or being evolved. This gives added work to all who are affected as they have to scroll back down every single time a Pokemon undergoes the mentioned processes. Additionally, this bug will make the evolution of more than one Pokemon an uneventful thing to do, not to mention being less efficient especially when a Lucky Egg is in use.

"Pokemon GO's" Holiday 2017 event is still ongoing as it ushered in more Ice and Water-type Pokemon into the game. The event also introduced the item known as Star Piece that allowed players to boost their Stardust gain for a given timeframe. Some players, on the other hand, are on the lookout for a special Pokemon that has an additional move.

Getting a Present Pikachu

Known to trainers as the Present pikachu, the yellow monster has an additional move that goes by the same name which is also similar to the Santa Claus-looking Delibird. There are actually three ways to acquire the Holiday-themed monster: as a Starter Pokemon, Pichu evolution, and the application of a Fast Technical Machine.

The Holiday event will run until January 4, 2018. Check out a video about "Pokemon GO" here: