Game company Capcom has recently revealed that upcoming “Monster Hunter: World” will be released early next year. It was confirmed that it will be released worldwide at the same time.

Hyped up video game coming next year

The game company finally confirmed that the video game will be released January 26, 2018. It will be released worldwide and they also provided a new trailer at Sony’s press conference at Tokyo Game Show 2018. They also released new information about the game like new monsters, special editions, and more.

New monster revealed

The game company also revealed a new monster to hunt in the upcoming video game.

During the conference, a screen displayed the form of the new monster. It was called the Nergigante with its new artwork and it is also featured on the game’s cover art.

Digital Deluxe Edition details revealed

Aside from the release date of “Monster Hunter: World,” Capcom also revealed new details about its release plans and one of those was the Digital Deluxe Edition. This special edition of the game will be available together with the standard release. It will also have different kinds of digital content to acquire, like customizable hairstyles, armor, and other items.

Capcom reveals Collector’s Edition details announced

Capcom announced that there will be a Collector’s Edition of the video game as well.

This ultimate package will have a neat Nergigante figurine in full details and a special collector’s box that contains all of the items.

The special edition will also have the game’s soundtrack. This CD will have all of its tracks from its special theme of the world’s background tracks. The video game’s artbook will also be included in the Collector’s Edition.

It will contain different art styles of its characters, monsters, and others.

Bonuses added for pre-orders

Gamers who pre-order the upcoming video game will get a bonus. The pre-orders for the digital and physical versions will include the “Origins” armor sets and other downloadable content. They can start pre-ordering it on Sept.


Game-themed PS4 Pro revealed

The Sony press conference also revealed that there will be a special edition PlayStation 4 Pro console. It will be named the Liolaeus Edition and have designs related to “Monster Hunter: World.” It will be available for purchase during the game’s launch release as well and its controller will have a red hue.

Game to launch on several platforms

The video game will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One on the worldwide release date. The PC version’s launch date will be revealed later.

Check out the “Monster Hunter: World” TGS 2017 Trailer here: