The latest updates for "Kingdom Hearts 3" reveal a new Disney world in the action-RPG franchise. A leaked image of the game featured Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck landing in the world of "Monster Inc.," along with new allies and Heartless foes.

The Pixar animated film is one of the most requested worlds that video game fans wanted to see in the "Kingdom Hearts" series and Square Enix has finally given players what they wanted. The Japanese publisher also teased the possible Release Date of the sequel next year.

Sora in 'Monsters Inc.'

ResetEra community member "Wrestleman" posted two screenshots of "Kingdom Hearts 3" featuring Sora and his friends in "Monster Inc." as the trio help James "Sully" Sullivan and Mike Wizowski fight the Heartless that have invaded their world.

Just like the "Toy Story" world, Sora, Goofy, and Donald transformed into monsters in order to blend in properly to the Disney world.

Sully and Mike will accompany Sora as NPC allies to fight the Heartless in the game. "Wrestleman" stated that he is not sure whether the two images were legitimate, but they are "too convincing" to be real and video game fans will have to wait for Square Enix's statement regarding the addition of "Monsters Inc." world.

There are already four Disney worlds confirmed in the sequel: "Hercules," "Tangled," "Big Hero 6," and "Toy Story." Other fans want to see more worlds from popular movies such as "Frozen," "Wreck-it Ralph," " The Jungle Book," "Cars," "The Incredibles," and more.

The sequel is rumored to include Marvel and Star Wars franchises since they are both owned by Disney. Video game fans are also hoping to see new "Final Fantasy" characters in the game like Noctis Lucis Caelum and Claire "Lightning" Farron.

Release date teased for 2018?

Square Enix CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, announced during the company's quarterly earnings meeting (via Player.One) that the official release date of "Kingdom Hearts 3" could happen between the end of fiscal year or E3 2017.

"Development efforts for major titles are underway at both our overseas and domestic studios," Matsuda said. "We will be making announcements about the release dates of those titles between the end of FY2018/3 and E3."

Twitter username Speedcerv retweeted a post from Wario64 that the game could launch on Nov. 1, 2018. While video game fans speculated that it could be a placeholder, they are glad to hear that the sequel will launch next year for the consoles.

For now, fans will just have to wait for further the announcements regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" next year.