Today is the day Gamers everywhere have been waiting for! The long-awaited Xbox One X is officially available for purchase, and as someone who plays on every Gaming console that I can get my hands on, I could not be any more excited to get my hands on it. I am here to confirm that the main site for Xbox has released the system on November 7. The new system provides new experiences for gamers with faster speeds, better graphics, and all-around new technology that mesmerizes its users in a way that is unique to Microsoft’s latest console.

A Better, Faster Experience

As far as gaming consoles go, the Xbox One X is definitely the most powerful system on the market. Breaking from previous Xbox models, the Xbox One X has 40 percent more power than its predecessor and is also the smallest gaming console that Microsoft has developed. Not only is the console backward compatible with everything on the Xbox One, but it also comes with added memory, — specifically 326 GB of Memory Bandwith, 8 GB of Flash Memory, and 1 TB of internal storage — new 4k capabilities, and faster loading times. This means that not only does the new console drastically cut loading times of most Xbox One titles, but it also provides more enticing graphic changes with its HDR (high-dynamic-range) imaging system.

This allows players to see a new perspective of beautiful graphics, like in "Assassin’s Creed." All of this power and speed must produce a large amount of heat and noise from the internal fan, right? Wrong!

The system’s centrifugal fan ensures that the console stays cool and quiet during gameplay. In fact, Wired (UK) has even said that “the Xbox One X is Microsoft’s love letter to gamers,” and I cannot say that I disagree.

With the sleek, black design on the console, the Xbox One X is truly a beautiful machine that will provide a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience for its users.

Is It Worth It?

Because the Xbox One X is backward compatible, you have the ability to use all Xbox One accessories, such as headsets and controllers. This is an amazing feature because it means that you don’t have to run out to the store and purchase even more pieces for your new console as long as you already own an Xbox One.

Score! Not only that, but there is also no immediate need for anyone to purchase a brand new 4k TV just because the Xbox One X has 4k display capabilities — it is also fully compatible with 1080P televisions.

Many gamers out there may be concerned with the cost of this new device, but with the system selling for $500, you can hardly say that it will break the bank since the system will work with accessories that most buyers already have available to them.

This is honestly such an incredible deal and if you desire a more mesmeric gameplay experience on a machine that is truly at the top of its class, the Xbox One X is the console to invest in.