"I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!"

That's exactly what the world began singing back in the summer of 2016 when Niantic released "Pokemon GO." Childhood nostalgia was rekindled as millions of people began their own Pokemon journey to catch 'em all.

Over a year later, the popular augmented reality game has gone through a few seasonal events, and will shortly release the third generation of Pokemon and has plans in 2018 to release new features and surprises for players worldwide.

But is "Pokemon GO" dead? Is there really a future for the popular pocket monsters?

'Pokemon GO' popularity

Since it's release, according to Otakukart, "Pokemon GO" has been downloaded over 100 Million times and has over nine million users.

Quite a feat for a franchise that's been around for 20 years. The popularity of Pokemon itself is probably in no danger of suffering a drop in interest anytime soon. However, how will "Pokemon GO" fair in the long run?

The app requires that players be active, wandering their cities and towns in search of Pokemon in the wild. However, most of those who play the game have jobs and social lives. It's hard to search for Pokemon in the wild and participate in gym battles on a lunch break.

There has been a trend that suggests "Pokemon GO" is a novelty app and will continue to drop users in the years to come.

As Otakukart reports, this can be seen when the number of users dropped with the release of "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon," suggesting players are fans of the franchise, not just the app, and would prefer to play the main games.

However, there is still a number of players who look forward to releases of later generation Pokemon, and the seasonal events.

Of course, with an app that relies on users walking around outside, there's no doubt there will be a drop off in the winter season and an increase in the warmer seasons of players.

The future of 'Pokemon GO'

With Niantic releasing an announcement of promising updates that will include new features and events for players in a blog post, "Pokemon GO" could have a couple of more years left in it before it truly falls to the wayside.

Niantic did recently release updates which included the ability to join forces with friends in raid battles for the chance of capturing a legendary Pokemon. And, of course, the release of later generation Pokemon.

However, there are a few features players are waiting for that, if taken too long to develop, could make or break the apps continued success.

One such feature is the ability to trade Pokemon with other players. A main part of the main game since the original Red and Blue versions. Trading with friends is part of what "Pokemon" is all about. If Niantic waits too long to include this feature, players may leave with no hope of return, causing the release of the feature to be too little too late.

Another popular feature request, and one that again is at the core of the franchise. Is the ability to battle other trainers in a Pokemon match.

The main games are based on the concept of coming across other trainers and being challenged to a battle to see who the better trainer is. As of now "Pokemon GO" lacks this particular function, and this lack of battling other trainers has players and fans clambering for the chance to battle their friends and strangers for the right to be called a Pokemon master.

Gotta catch 'em all!

"Pokemon GO" may currently have around nine million users and have been downloaded over 100 million times. But if Niantic doesn't make good on their promise for exciting new features in 2018, we could see "Pokemon GO" fall under the weight of other AR games, like "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite."

"Pokemon GO" is by no means down and out. Niantic is hiring new members to join their development team for the app. And they are exclaiming their excitement at what they have in store in the coming months.