The developers of "Friday the 13th: The Game" will soon be bringing back one of the most beloved features from the beta that didn't make it into the initial launch of the game -- the Virtual Cabin. This aspect of the game will allow players to explore a space that's full of "Friday the 13t"h lore and clues behind the mystery of Jason Voorhees (and perhaps his mother) above and beyond what's found in the current multiplayer environment.

Updated DLC roadmap

The game's official Facebook page released an updated version of the roadmap this week that shows the current progress of the announced feature rollouts.

Though the developers recently announced a new "Paranoia" game mode, it looks like the Virtual Cabin is what we'll actually be getting next. On the heels of that content, players will be getting access to offline bots, which are assumedly part of the much-anticipated single player portion of the game that will allow players to hone their skills as Jason against AI counselors. From the looks of the updated map, it appears that at least two new counselors and two new iterations of Jason are on the horizon as well.

Recent Jason nerfs a hot-button issue

In the game's most recent update, developers savagely curtailed some key aspect of the killer's gameplay, such as eliminating the ability to "stack" multiple traps and severely reducing the range of Jason's grab.

The community is vocally split as to whether or not these changes are actually good for the game, with proponents arguing that the nerfs make the game more balanced and naysayers claiming they make Jason essentially unplayable. The merits of the nerfs aside, playing Jason is a significantly different proposition now than it was before, which is why YouTubers are releasing brand new guides on how to best track down and kill counselors.

Which new Jasons are coming?

With the Paranoia game mode announcement, the developers teased a release of "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" copycat killer Roy Burns with its #whoisfiVe hashtag. While there haven't been any official announcements about Roy, the fact that there are only two big-screen Jasons (Part V, Jason X) that aren't in the game sort of narrows down the list of what we can expect in future releases.

Of course, Gun Media could collaborate with Tom Savini again to design some new custom Jasons for the game. Until we get some sort of announcement, however, it's safe to assume that the Part V iteration is the one we're most likely to see next.